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February 8, 2019

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Starting the Show - Part I

January 4, 2019



This blog will be the first in a series I intend to write to help people who may have trouble getting an idea from their head out into the open.


My journey to this point has been slow, but very deliberate in the decisions I made and when they were made.  I am not just running the show from a spreadsheet, but rather I wanted to flesh out the plan well in advance so that I could get the show where I wanted it to be.  If it didn't meet those criteria, then I wouldn't start it.



Now before I begin, I need to state that I am no expert.  I have no training in most of this, I am self taught in everything I have done regarding this endeavor.  I am not trying to be a guru or anything, but if you have questions, want to start your own thing, well then, I hope this can help.  I am always available if you need advice or help I can give!


I worked briefly for a company doing graphic design in the late 90's.  I have been using Photoshop since it was version 5.5 when they introduced the concept of layers even.  So I have always had that.  I have no official art training other that what I have gleamed from my brother who is a commercial artist, and a knack for it.

I am a photographer for 13 years now, and a professional one for the last 6, meaning I get paid for shoots.  I have done several weddings and some commercial stuff, but never video.  www.chriswhitpanphoto.com


I am actually trained in Culinary Arts, becoming a chef and doing that for 10 years, then onto restaurant management, and only in the last year found a dream job where I am a trainer, videographer, photographer and chef for a budding concept.  I even did a little YouTube thing way back called The Kitchen Hacker.. well I tried anyways!



The history of the show itself is brief.  It wasn't an idea years in the making or anything so dramatic, it was simply an idea that came when I was most willing to listen to it.


I met Gary Pope at a meetup in GenCon 17.  We have similar aesthetics and temperaments and I instantly liked him.  We then ran into each other at PaxU the following fall.  Now I have wanted to do something in the space for a while, but to be honest I didn't want to do a voice only thing as I think my voice is horrible, and I hate audio editing.  


Shortly after the con, I had a thought while flipping through content on YouTube.  There was no interview format style of show that wasn't box and a box.  I don't like that, the quality coming off the ones I did see is low because of the software, connections and cameras.  It wasn't anything I wanted to sit and watch with my wife.  Then it hit me... Why not do a talk show, but late night style?  I started messaging Gary who was looking for a project, and we were on our way....


LAUNCH in 90 Days.....


The first few things to get through are ones that you will live with for the life of your show.  We had many calls and conversations about what were going to do for this and that.  A lot of this is worth spending the time to flesh out.   



The name.  This is a HUGE one... and annoying as anything.  You learn VERY fast that all the names you want to use initially are gone.  Or they are available here, but not there, and it is a problem.  Ask anyone who has a show with a long name, how hard that is.  But we went through many names before we found the one that would be ours.

GameAllNight - great but not everywhere.

GameAllNite - awesome, but not always available.. but this would be the sticker.

GameAllNiteShow - Bingo! available everywhere.. and I mean everywhere and it is something unique in the space.  



Technical.  This would prove to be one of the hardest parts, and Kudos to Gary for making it work.  The system we came up with is pretty much the system I use today.  It works wonderfully and gives the show such a professional look.  I will get into the specifics in a later post for those of you who want to know.



Documents.  I went nuts making docs in the beginning.  I am not going to lie.  I wanted to flesh everything out and make sure we had a vision and a plan.  This will be the focus of the next blog post in this series as I feel it was a key factor to the running of the show and keeping it going when it has had so many chances to fail.



Next time I will share some fundamental ways I look at this endeavor versus someone who just orders a webcam and goes, and what it has brought to the table. 

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