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February 8, 2019

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Season One Wrap, Season Two inbound!

December 21, 2018

 First things first!

Wow!  This year has been a lot of excitement and progress, with a ton of learning thrown in the mix!  I look back and see the lit of guests and I am amazed that there are so many awesome conversations and people willing to come on a little show, started out of no where!

Thank you, each and every listener and viewer.  Without you this would not be what it is today.  Thank you for your support in whatever way it makes its way to the show.


End of Season Hiatus

So the plan is to take a few weeks to regroup and give the people we would interview some time off.  We don't want to impose on our guests during time they should be spending with the families and friends.


We are going to take this time to also work and re-tool a little bit for what we are planning in season two.  Rest assured I am keeping the core the same, the set, and for better or worse, my style of interviewing.


The plan is to return January 10th with the new format and a great guest to ring in the new year!  


Changes in Season 2

So We have taken into account some things about the show people like and skip.  That and trying to space out the schedule a little more to be less stressful on turnaround, but also to give us more time to fine tune and edit the shows.  I have also reached out to friends in the business and solicited advice as to how we should proceed.  A lot of this show is my own desires and limitations, so it is difficult to change things, but I am super excited to get started on the next chapter!


Breaking the show into two parts.

Part I

The first week we will release the core interview with the guest.  Things will say similar, but we are going to try and keep things at 30-40 minutes to keep things watchable and easy to consume.

This will be released as a podcast as well for those on the go.  But do know we are also working on more visual enhancements to the video show. 

We also hope the extra time will give us time to do some more of the fun commercials and bits we have done in the past.

The other thing is my self-imposed restriction not to repeat guests in the first year.  So if you have a favorite, we will be revisiting some of our past friends!


Part II

The game segment is going to be its own show.  We will work to make it even better and more well planned.  Since most of these shows do not work well in podcast form, they will only be on the youtube channel.

I am also looking into sponsorship for the games we play so we can also have prizes each show!  I am just looking to reward the faithful listeners and I think if we can manage to get some giveaways every other week, I think it will be great for you all!

This portion is still a bit of a work in progress but I suspect this will be short and quickly consumed!  I'm sure it will be a fun feature!!


Our Anniversary Episode!

Well, we wouldn't be a show of any merit if we didn't celebrate anniversaries and miss an opportunity to inflate our egos a little more...

It is going to be a lot of fun, and a decent amount of work, so we are getting on it early!

The basic plan is going to be to have a special guest, Alan Gerding, a man who I really admire and have a great deal of fun with.  We are going to talk a walk through the inception and the last year, and talk a bit about the future.  I am going to hold the rest close to my chest as we want it to be fun.

Our first Episode Aired 2/22, so look for the anniversary show around that time frame!



I am going to probably do a video with all of this in it, but I think its good to get the information out there as we go dark for a few weeks.  It is going to be an exciting season in 2019 and I can't wait to see how it goes.


Thank you for watching, reading, listening, and participating!  I hope to grow the show a lot in the coming year, and that will only be possible with the support and help of our amazing viewership.











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