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February 8, 2019

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GAN LIVE! - Wits & Wagers Vegas

April 30, 2018

Wow, just a ton of fun on Sunday night!




We had six of us playing a Live Wits and Wagers Vegas game with Bruce from Northstar games.  I was joined in studio!! by Chris Miller of The Secret Cabal which was awesome!

Chaz Marler, Jay Peak and Flip Florey rounded out the players.


 We had an updating computer which delayed our start a little bit, but once we got going, which hopefully we will get better and better at as we gain experience doing these live shows.  We also had a last minute-ish drop out with a sick Pep! (Feel better Pep!) and Jay Peak jumped in with 15 minutes notice and was great!  Thanks Jay!



So I do all of the graphics you see on the screen and set up the shots for the callers, so there are several hours of work long before the show goes on.  Now, the plus side of that is that once it is done, it is done and will require less work and tweaking to fix next time we play!



I had Reuven and friend on site to help with the production which was very helpful!  They can be heard laughing in the background from time to time as well!  So he monitored things and switch the video feeds for us as well!  They also handled the scoring updates you saw on screen which was helpful for us!



We had another first tonight with Chris Miller stopping by to participate LIVE!  So we took the chance to chat, talk about the show and life.  I made him some Guacamole so we snacked before the show(s).  He joked on twitter about wanting Green M&Ms in the green room so I made that happen....


 We had a ton of fun recording his episode which will lead to a little crossover with his cooking show, so once we do that, you will see a pretty cool episode!!!



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Chris Whitpan  @chriswhitpan

Bruce Voge  @Northstargames

Chaz Marler  @DiceParadise

Flip Florey @FFSSBGS

Jay Peak  @HalfHandicapped

Chris Miller @TheSecretCabal


Thanks for reading!  - Merchandise is coming soon!!!!

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