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February 8, 2019

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Game All Nite goes LIVE! with Fiasco

April 17, 2018

What you didn't see on TV!




This past Sunday night I had an idea to play Fiasco Live on our channel.

The Plan - get a few people from around the industry and my good friend Victor together and find a way to play over the air.


So I called upon Crystal Pisano, Roy Cannaday, and Pep MacDonald and we found an evening where we could get on line and play!  Victor drove in from about 2 hours away to help host and give me someone in studio to work with, which was perfect!  Well, until he knocked over the mirror that we were using to see the other participants! 


That afternoon I made the decision to play the module Transatlantic.  Because the date was April 15th, which happens to be the day the Titanic sank, I thought it was appropriate.  Next thing I know the attendees decided to start wearing costumes... well... the only thing I had (I was working all day) ready was my Tux and dinner jacket, so on it went!  Oddly enough, the last time I wore this was for when I did a dinner for 12 where I recreated the last First Class meal likely served on the doomed ship.


We got everything set and were ready to launch at 6:35, a few minutes behind schedule, but not bad for a first time.  Well, it took about 15-20 more minutes to sort out why the stream was not... well, streaming!  So basically I had to make a new stream which is why you see us on our phones telling the public of the change at the beginning (sorry, unprofessional I know!)


All that hustle meant our sound check step got missed!  Ugh! so we came in soft and had to fix it, which it levels out around :20min in.  Again,, sorry, but we have updated our procedures to make sure we are good to go next time.  Its hard to tell actual volume from peak levels.


Well all in all we had a fund show, and you can now view it all on line.


Would you like to see more of this?  Mix up the cast of characters?  Let us know!


YouTube:  https://youtu.be/R9WZdHb1m0k

Fiasco:  http://bullypulpitgames.com/games/fiasco/

Fiasco Playset: http://fiascoplaysets.com/home/transatlantic



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