About the Show

What happens when you mix Jimmy Fallon, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, SNL, and Board Games? We asked that very question and that was the birth of the show. We want to bring the personalities of the people in and around this hobby to forefront. The games they create, review and talk about are only part of the story. Join us as we go deeper and find out about the person behind the game, the character behind the voice, or the mind behind the artwork. Each week we will interview guests, play games and have bits with them in the style of a late night talk show. Rated PG-13 to TV-MA we want our guests to be open to communicate with as little restrictions as possible.




To create a unique show in the board game space that is an interview format with a professional dress and set. The presentation will be clean, consistent and when possible, not date specific. The show will contain our attempt at humor and last about an hour, offering us a different take on our guests than they display to the public normally. The show will be more about the diverse people and personalities in this business than the board games themselves.




FUN! - The show needs to be fun. Fun for the presenters, fun for the guests, and fun for the audience.

​LIGHT HEARTED - We cannot take ourselves or the show too seriously.

​ENGAGING - The show will strive to make people feel like they are a part of our world.

​CONSISTENT - We will commit to giving enough time to properly do a show, and we will be prepared for the parts which we are to play.

WHEN THINGS GO WRONG - We will strive to be 100% accurate on the work we do, but recognize that mistakes may happen.

HIGH QUALITY - We must start with a high quality and gain from there.

INCLUSIVE - We will seek out a variety of guests and be welcoming to all walks and thoughts of life.




Chris Whitpan - Your host, and guide on this journey of insanity. I have been in board gaming since 2012, but it started many many years before that. I currently consider myself an Omni-Gamer and enjoy party games all the way to a full day of 18xx. I know a few people in the hobby and hope to get to know more!!Reuvenb


Reuven Fischer - A self proclaimed Audio-phile and helper of many audio shows in the past from On Board Games and Dice Tower Showdown, Reuven has long been a personal Friend.  He helps out with the podcast and recently in the video production of the show.