How it all Works


We record in the evenings typically (Thursdays & Fridays currently) on EST time.  Our setup is to use a call in service to put you on our screen while we chat so we do need you to have access to a quiet recording space, camera, microphone and headphones.  Interviews will last about 30-45 minutes on average (It could go longer if it works).

At the moment we are a little flexible with time slots for the show.  We set aside about 1.5 -2 hours for each, but they can run long depending on the guest and technical.  We usually reach out via Facebook messenger just prior to the show so we can coordinate and send each other links for the call in portion.  Then there is a bit of a sound and video check.  We will send you a link to a program we use on our end to record the show.  It handles all of the recording, video and audio.  We do recommend Chrome as it seems to be the easiest to get working.  We have found Safari, ipads, and phones do not play well with our setup.

TIMELINE of a typical show

So the show timeline has been looking like this.  Most of this will be done live to keep us to time and ease production.  You are really going to be used for the interview and the game.  We will take 1-2 breaks in the interview for commercials and to give ourselves some direction if needed.

  • Intro credits roll

  • Interview and introduction of guest (30-40 min is my goal)

  • 1 or 2 Commercial Breaks

  • A quick game or special thing with guest (maybe a balderdash, Funemployment etc...), TBD and unique for each guest This is shaping up to be a bit of fun!

  • Recording of a Favorite5 with the guest

  • Farewell and thank you to guest

  • It’s a wrap (90 min goal)


  • We will try and reach out before hand to test your setup and make sure we are go!  (be sure to try and have as much bandwidth dedicated to get the best possible result.  Close other programs not in use... etc...)

  • I can't tell you how to dress, but allow me to set the mood - Late night talk show, I will be in a suit coat, in the evening time....  and prepare yourself with that in mind. If you want more direction or ideas, Please let me know!! Adult beverages on set are fine!

  • Be sure to have headphones on, I recommend ear buds to have a low profile, remembering that you will be on screen during the call.  (please, no sound through speakers, it will echo)  Consider running the cord behind you for a nice low profile!

  • Try to set up some good lighting from above (not below! spooky!).  We can help if you would like or have questions.

  • Thinking ahead, be mindful of your background.  While we do not have ours with games, you may certainly do so; or sit on a comfy chair by a fire!  If you record in front of games everyday, maybe you want a different look? It’s all up to you, I just want you to be cognizant of what everyone will see (like hanging laundry in an unused bedroom??)

  • We do have a loaner setup (Mic, Camera and Headphones)
    if you would like to use any of them.  Just let us know and we will work that out!

We can also conduct a pre-recording sound and video check if you would like to familiarize yourself with the set up prior to the call in.  This helps alleviate any of those technical butterflies that may crop up!